Room Parents

Welcome to the new school year!

Each of our wonderful teachers is looking for 1-2 Room Parents to support their students, families and classrooms. Please see below for a brief description of the role. If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a Room Parent please complete the following form or email  by Friday, 8/27/21.  

Click here to sign up! Room Parent Interest Form

What is a Room Parent?

Room Parents facilitate cohesiveness within classrooms and serve as the bridge between the school, families and various committees. Your role is key to building the CWC community by strengthening the community in your classroom. You’ll work with your teacher to provide information to your families and you’ll work with families to create bonds and meaningful experiences. You’ll represent the families in your classroom and speak on their behalf at committee meetings attended by administration. 

What is the job? 

  • Attend a Room Parent Committee Zoom meeting once a month 
  • Attend a meeting with your teacher once a month 
  • Organize treats for your teachers on the last Wednesday of each month
  • Virtual birthday celebration reminders
  • Welcome new families
  • Plan virtual classroom social events
  • Organize teacher gifts; end-of-year, Teacher Appreciation, holiday, birthdays
  • Community Giving support 
  • Signing up families to participate in activities (virtual or in-person when able) such as cultural celebrations or Mystery Readers

Why be a Room Parent?

  • Satisfies your families’ suggested 40 hours of volunteer hours
  • Provides a way for you to connect and get to know other families- especially if you’re new to the school!
  • Helps to facilitate families coming together as a community 
  • Play an active role in bringing CWC values into the classroom and the community 
  • Have fun!