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Volunteer at CWC Mar Vista

We ask that all families volunteer at least 40 hours per school year to ensure the healthiness of our school community.

We are excited to have you join our community of students, teachers, and families who, together, create an environment in which we learn from and with one another. Our goal is to help each child develop a true lifelong passion for learning. We embrace the diversity of individual students’ skills and learning styles and our team works collaboratively to get to know your child and uncover the unique gifts and growth opportunities he or she possesses. Through this discovery, our team can best challenge, support, and encourage your child’s learning and growth.

We hope that your experiences at CWC Mar Vista will offer similar opportunities to connect, communicate, share experiences and grow. We believe open communication and the school/home partnership are essential to the success of our children. We encourage you to become active participants in all aspects of our school and explore the numerous and varied ways in which you can volunteer and get involved. Whether in your child’s classroom, on a committee, or supporting a school program or event, your contributions will enrich our school community, and your child’s experience.

We know everyone has a different capacity for the time they can give due to different factors in their lives. There are parents who put in hundreds of hours a year and there are those whose lives allow far, far fewer. On average parents give about 40 hours per year.

As the year begins, your Room Parent will work with you to help you find ways to get involved that work with your strengths, your interests and your life style.

In addition to your help and volunteering, it is important to the school to track the hours that are volunteered.  See the Log Your Hours section for more information. The hours we accrue tell a very powerful story when we are looking for outside funding and LAUSD approval.


We have many opportunities to get involved.

Click HERE to find out more about the different committees you can join to help make our school a magical place!

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We are grateful you have chosen CWC Mar Vista. Your family adds richness and impacts our school and our community in a unique and meaningful way. Thank you, in advance for all of the ways that you will contribute to our school in the upcoming year.


Volunteering Requirements

To volunteer in the classroom, parents must meet a set of requirements for the safety of the students.  Please review our requirements HERE