Safe Driving, Parking, and Valet

CWCMV Safe Driving and Parking Agreement 

Gateway/Pico Campus

The following rules have been carefully developed by CWCMV staff to ensure the safety of our students, parents and staff members AND to ensure the continued use of our location.

This document contains the agreements required of all CWCMV drivers (parents, guardians, caretakers, teachers and staff) AND a new Safe Driving and Parking Agreement form that must be completed and signed.

Violations of the CWCMV Safe Driving and Parking Agreement will result in the suspension of valet privileges. 


Valet and Neighborhood Driving

These driving rules are very important.  By abiding to these rules we are ensuring the safety of our children, our community, and the future of our school.  Take the extra time to drive carefully and follow the approved routes to keep our community safe. Remember, we are all trying to do just what you are doing – trying to get our children to school on time – so please practice patience and follow the rules to make drop off and pick up safe and quick for all of us!


Approved Route for Joining the Valet Line

Please enter the valet drop off line from Pico making a RIGHT onto Gateway westbound. This is the only permitted route to join the valet line.




Mandatory Driving Agreements  – Thank you for abiding by the following:

  • Please start at the end of the line following the approved route.  Please be respectful to those already in line.
  • For the safety of the children and to assure they make it into the gate, please only drop off children while IN the valet line, and AFTER the crosswalk
  • Avoid dropping off children outside of the valet line including Federal Avenue, Colby Avenue, alleyways, staff parking lot, Pico building parking lots
  • Please follow the designated route and avoid making a U-turn at Colby or Coolidge Avenues or making a left from Colby onto Gateway.
  • Please ensure that the staff parking lot entrance is always accessible to staff and church parishioners. 
  • Avoid using the alley behind the school or the church at anytime 
  • Ensure the valet is safe and efficient by refraining from using a mobile device while in line for valet. 

If you are late for school and the valet line is closed, you must park and walk your child/children inside.



Parking is also a critical part of our neighborhood relationship.  If we do not adhere to the following parking rules, it breaks down our relationship with the neighbors, which impacts our relationship with the church, which then can jeopardize our school location.


Mandatory Parking Rules for CWCMV at all times.

  • No parking on Colby Avenue at anytime (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)
  • No parking in the Staff or Pico building parking lots (unless office permission is granted)
  • No stopping/temporarily parking in ANY red zones in our neighborhood, including in front of school (except during valet drop off)
  • No stopping/temporary parking at the corner of Gateway and Federal
  • No stopping/temporarily parking in alleyways
  • No parking in business’ parking lots
  • No blocking driveways of residences or businesses



The crosswalk area requires vigilance. Our priority is the safety for our CWC families crossing the street, however we also need to be mindful of our impact on the community and drivers passing through.


Crosswalk Rules and Etiquette

  • Do not assume cars are stopping. Always look to make sure cars are slowing down before starting to cross Gateway, even if a crossing guard is present.
  • If a crossing guard is present, do not press the crosswalk button. Instead, wait for the crossing guard to give you the signal to start walking.
  • Please do not stand in the crossing area until you are ready to cross as it confuses drivers.
  • If you are ready to cross and see others approaching to cross as well, please WAIT for them and cross in groups. It is safer and makes it easier for oncoming traffic.
  • Please walk as briskly as you can.  Be mindful of the environment; this is not a place for casual strolling or using your mobile device.


Agreement Violations

Using the valet line is a privilege. We will be enforcing violations of the Mandatory Driving and Parking agreements detailed above. If the Mandatory Parking and Driving rules are broken, warnings will be issued to families. Three offenses will result in a revocation of this privilege, and the family will be unable to use our valet for one month.