Services & Capabilities


We are grateful you have chosen CWC Mar Vista. Your family adds richness and impacts our school and our community in a unique and meaningful way. Thank you, in advance for all of the ways that you will contribute to our school in the upcoming year.

What is the Principal’s Council?

The purpose of the council is to involve the parent community in the process of building and growing our school.  Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs provide updates from each of the committees, and Principals provide school updates.

Principal’s Council meetings happen once a month, usually on the 3rd of each month.  To accommodate all families, times will alternate between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm.  These are OPEN meetings to all CWC parents.  Standard attendance includes: TK-5 and 6th-8th principals, teacher reps, staff rep, and chair/co-chairs of all committees.

Room Parent

Room parents facilitate communication and cohesiveness within classrooms by sending weekly communications, setting up playdates, helping teachers with classroom and volunteer needs, working closely with the fundraising team, and being the bridge between the school, committees, and families.


Volunteers assist in all the functions of running the library, whether it be working with the children on a weekly basis, or on various improvements on an as needed basis. The committee collaborates with the teaching staff to plan and organize weekly class visits to borrow books.   In addition, it catalogs books in the library database, assists students in searching for, borrowing, and returning books (during weekly visits), maintains the physical library, and solicits cash and book donations to fulfill teachers’ wish lists, and seeks out fundraising and grant opportunities.

Photography & Video

We need professional photographers and serious hobbyists within the school community to document students, families, and school events for school communications, media promotions, the yearbook, and campus displays.  Photo selection and editing also needed.


Works closely with Photography volunteers to collect and compile photos of all children and school events throughout the year to create a yearbook. In addition, plans and manages the purchasing and publication process, as well as the yearbook promotion and sales to the community.

Community Giving

Annual Give: Annual give takes place at the very beginning of the year and continues through Mid-October. Tasks include: hand printing, communications, Spanish translation, and sign up team.

Walk-A-Thon: The Walk-A-Thon takes place in February and meetings begin in October. Tasks include; tech support, graphic design, promotion, data entry, and day of help.

Sweepstakes: The Sweepstakes can take place in various parts of the year and involves gathering donations to use as exciting prizes, then setting up a sweepstakes site and/or ordering tickets for students to sell for a chance to win and raise money for the school.

Spring Auction: The Auction takes place in late Spring. Meetings will take place from the beginning of the school year. Volunteers are needed to encourage families to donate items, skills, and talents to the auction. This is also our chance to engage the broader community by soliciting businesses to support CWC by donating items.

Merchandise: Work closely with the school operations manager to identify merchandise to purchase and also support by selling merchandise during events.

Community Socials:

    • Collaborates with teachers, administration, and families to plan and organize cultural events to strengthen and deepen the bonds in our school community.
    • Provides students and families with an opportunity to celebrate diversity, and explore different cultures and traditions, both within and outside the classroom.
    • This committee also organizes whole school play dates, caregivers’ nights out, Legoland, Movie Night, and other gatherings to bring the CWC community together.
    • Organize families/parents to host small community giving parties. Promote events and work with the community giving committee/family volunteers.

Corporate Sponsorships: Engage local business and larger corporations to sponsor the school by making a direct monetary or in-kind donation to the school or to a specific community giving campaign.

Restaurant Nights: Reach out to local restaurants to host specific days where CWC gets a percentage of each purchase. Duties include flyering to promote the restaurant and date when CWC families can purchase food.

Campus Beautification

Interior Environment: Assist with beautifying the interior space – design and décor of classrooms, the library, and other common areas.

Lost and Found: Organize and tidy the lost and found spaces. Help wash and donate clothing once per month.

Handy Helpers: A group of volunteers who are ‘handy’ or who have skills such as carpentry, painting, construction, plumbing, electrician, etc. to improve the classrooms and campus by helping out with whatever odd jobs need to be done.

Exterior and Garden: Help keep the outdoor spaces looking great through gardening and planting, painting and repair, and periodically power washing.