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Citizens of the World 3 (also known as Citizens of the World Mar Vista, or CWC Mar Vista) is a charter public school governed by a nonprofit Board of Directors and overseen by the Los Angeles Unified School District.  On January 12, 2016, the LAUSD board voted to approve a Board Resolution, “Keeping Parents Informed: Charter Transparency,” which was passed with the support of the Los Angeles charter community. The resolution highlighted commonly requested information and data that charter public schools share with parents through their charter petitions, School Accountability Report Cards, Local Education Agency Plans, Local Control Accountability Plans, Annual Audits, and other publicly available documents.

This commonly requested information is available from CWC Mar Vista electronically or manually by parent request.  Per the Board Resolution, parents may request this information in English and any single primary language meeting the requirements of Sections 45400 through 45403 of the California Education Code.  Please submit parent requests for translated information to Gillian  Smith (