Auction Donations

Because this is a Zoom event and not a live event, tickets are not required, but we ask you to support our teachers, TA’s, and Art, PE, Music, and Spanish specialists by purchasing a “ticket”.  You can also donate directly HERE.

  • Supporter – $10.00
  • Partner – $25.00
  • Advocate – $50.00
  • Citizen of the World – $100.00

The Spring Bash and Silent Auction fundraiser is a chance to go out and ask our local and community businesses to support CWC Mar Vista with donations of goods and items to be auctioned off.  It is also a chance for our school community to come together and celebrate the year with a fun fair or end of year party.  We fully understand the impact of COVID-19 on our communities and businesses and although it may feel strange to ask for donations in this time, we are so happy to support those businesses by introducing them to our CWC community.  The silent auction is a wonderful opportunity for our communities to support each other – raising money helps keep the CWC model and our staff intact and our community can help support businesses through this tough time.  Ask your favorite business or service provider to donate an item (or several) to our silent auction and they will be featured during our shout outs at the Zoom event!

Here are templates to help reach out to the community:

Download and customize the Silent Auction Letter HERE
Download the Silent Auction Form HERE
Enter your Silent Auction Donation online HERE

Using the online submission will provide more accurate data and also lighten the load of our silent auction volunteer parents.

Please note that you will need to sign into Bidding for Good in order to enter your auction item. You can use your login from last year or if you are a new family, you can create your login now! This will allow you to buy tickets to the event as well as to bid at the auction when the time comes.

Please use this link to sign in and enter your auction items:

If you have questions or physical items to donate, please contact:

Donate Silent Auction items by May 28th

If you are interested in being a part of the amazing committee, email