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About Us

CWC Mar Vista is a public school committed to socio-economic, cultural, and racial diversity. We provide a challenging, experiential learning environment to develop each student’s confidence, potential, and individual responsibility as true citizens of the world.


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  • Free public school
  • Free & reduced cost lunch for qualifying students
  • After-school program with flexible attendance and financial assistance (available until 6 p.m. every day)
  • Maximum of 26 students per class
  • One teacher and one highly qualified teaching assistant in TK-2nd
  • One teacher and a shared highly qualified teaching assistant in 3rd-8th
  • Rigorous student-centered academic program
  • Art, Music, and Physical Education
  • Spanish elective
  • Electives for 6th-8th change per trimester. Sample: Yoga, STEAM Exploration, team sports, and other ideations
  • Interactive and challenging classrooms
  • A school community that is committed to diversity and multiculturalism
  • Open to all students in California (apply without obligation, no permit required)

CWC teachers take the time to get to know each student.  As a result, the curriculum is relevant to students’ unique backgrounds, experiences and interests, and the teaching approach is tailored to individual students’ academic strengths and needs.

If you would like to read our Charter Documents CLICK HERE

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