Mandy Smith

Mandy Smith

6th Grade Lead - ELA and Social Studies

I am thrilled to continue my time with the CWC Mar Vista family as the Humanities Teacher for 6th Grade. I was born and raised in South Dakota and spent my childhood camping, hiking, fishing, riding horses, canoeing, doing farm chores, and running track. For my undergraduate degree, I attended University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, where I majored in English and minored in African American Studies.

During my undergraduate career, I also worked as a tutor and mentor for local neighborhood and university organizations. After completing my degree, I began my teaching career at a project-based program called High School for Recording Arts and enjoyed the next five years teaching English Language Arts to 9th-12th graders who had a passion for music.

In 2008, my husband and I relocated to Los Angeles and started a family shortly after the move. The University of Minnesota was again calling my name in 2010, so I spent a short amount of time back in the midwest to complete my M.Ed. in Secondary English Education. I love witnessing the unparalleled energy of young people and participating in the process of guiding young minds to great ideas.

During my free time, I am often hiking, being active, spending days at the beach or pool, attending music events, and reading books.