Denise Jison

Denise Jison

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

As an older sister, just for fun – I found myself constantly enjoying making little worksheets and “quizzes” for my then 4-year old sister, who seemed if anything, fascinated with the whole idea. Even back then, it was clear to me that I wanted a life with children in it. When the time had come to select my major in College, I came across 2 roads: one that would lead me towards a life in Education, and the other, towards a life in Medicine. As fate would have it, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology – and began my medical journey. It did not take me too long to realize that Medicine was not for me. Fast forward many years later, my life was forever transformed as I became a wife to my wonderful husband and full time mom to my 3 amazing children.

It was through my years as a parent volunteer in the classrooms of my own children, that I became inspired over and over again, by the many amazing, wonderful, creative, nurturing teachers that they had. Eventually, I found myself being called back – this time around, to take that other road. It became clear to me that I wanted to live my most purposeful life yet – one that would answer a calling to teach, a calling to nurture young minds and hearts, a calling to a life surrounded by children, maybe just a few more than my own.

In 2016, after having lived in Canada, Chicago, the Bay Area, and the Philippines where I am originally from, my family and I moved to Los Angeles where I chose to pursue Graduate Studies in Education eventually earning my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and Teaching Credential from Loyola Marymount University. I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the CWC- Mar Vista Family this year and cannot wait to meet my wonderful bundles of Kindergarten energy!

My family and I love traveling, camping, and being close to the ocean – no matter where in the world we may be.