Lead Teacher, Grades K-5

Lead Teacher, Grades K-5

CWC teachers are experienced and innovative educators who are energized by CWC’s unique charter school environment. Teachers are expected to implement a high-quality, rigorous and engaging academic program and must have a passion for pedagogical practices grounded in constructivism, project-based learning and the multiple intelligences theory.

The teacher will report to the Principal and Assistant Principal of the School. S/he will collaborate with and mentor a Teaching Associate.


  • A Bachelor’s degree and California multiple subject credential
  • Successful completion of CBEST exam
  • Minimum of two years experience teaching in relevant elementary grades
  • Experience working in a socio-economic, racial and culturally diverse classroom setting.
  • Ability to effectively mange and instruct both small and large groups of students
  • An exhibited ability to work with children in a caring and respectful manner in order to create a joyful, caring classroom environment where instructional time includes community building, conflict resolution, skill-building, and empowering students to be peacemakers and agents for positive social change
  • Fluency in a second language (ideally Spanish) is preferred.


  • Maturity, humility, strong work ethic, sense of humor, and a can-do attitude
  • Personally invested in creating a classroom in which social emotional learning is the foundation of the culture
  • Belief and willingness to ensure that all students can learn and achieve at high levels
  • Strong communicator in verbally and in writing, and able to do so to a diverse audience.
  • Experience working with diverse populations, including English language learners and students with special needs


  • Development and refinement of curriculum maps, lessons and units of study that meet or exceed requirements of Common Core Standards and also incorporate the multiple intelligences
  • Ongoing assessment of student progress and achievement using a variety of means to collect and report on academic data
  • Use of data to tailor instruction to meet individual student academic and social needs with a goal of every student performing on-grade level or above in all subject areas
  • Creation of a strong classroom culture that is developed through CWC’s social emotional learning focus, and contributes to the broader school community
  • Participation in professional development activities, both internal (led by the principal, lead teachers and visiting experts) and external (visiting other schools, attending conferences, and engaging in best practice sharing with others in the charter school community, etc.)
  • Maintain frequent communication and engagement with students’ families, colleagues, and other school stakeholders
  • Participate as an active member of the community to provide stewardship of the school and adherence to its mission and guiding principles
  • Maintaining a high-level of professionalism including meeting deadlines, and commitments to self, students, and the community.
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The mission of Citizens of the World Charter School – Silver Lake is to provide a socio-economically, culturally and racially diverse community of students in the Silver Lake community with an intellectually challenging, experiential learning environment that develops each individual student’s confidence, potential, and individual responsibility as citizens of the world in which we live.

Our Schools

  • Prepare students to become citizens of the world in an ever-changing future
  • Promote academic rigor and experiential learning to support and develop children’s natural intellectual curiosity
  • Embrace a constructivist, project-based learning approach
  • Develop each child’s potential to live as a learner, both in school and out
  • Reflect, welcome and celebrate the community’s diversity
  • Strengthen the bonds among members of the school community and beyond

Our Core Values

  • Excellence – We demand lasting quality.
  • Diversity – We are better and stronger because of our differences. Authenticity We are our true selves in this work, and we are candid.
  • Community – We care deeply about people. We share and build partnerships. We celebrate, laugh, and seek joy, even in the tough times.
  • Change – We welcome the unknown, embracing the unexpected and new. We adapt to meet the ever-changing times. We find new ways.