Why Should I Consider CWC for My Child?


CWC has a clear instructional vision, and because it is not affiliated with a school district, it has the flexibility to enact this vision. First and foremost, CWC believes in making instruction responsive to all students. Rather than relying on rigid, pre-packaged curriculum that can limit teachers’ freedom to make instruction accessible to everyone, CWC teachers collaboratively develop curriculum that allows them to address student’s social and academic needs. All CWC students also participate in art, music and physical education programs that are taught by specialists.

Because CWC has discretion over its budget, it is able to prioritize placing more than one adult in classrooms. Sometimes this takes the form of two teachers, while in other cases teachers work with highly qualified teaching assistants. Thus, CWC students have greater access to small group and individualized instruction. In addition, there is a 24-student limit in CWC classrooms.

CWC is especially committed to diversity and multiculturalism. This is evident in the content of CWC’s curriculum and in the instructional approaches that are used. As a result, CWC students have the powerful experience of observing everyone’s capacity to learn and all families’ uniquely important contributions to that learning. Students learn that an integrated learning community is essential and that everyone has an important role to play.

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