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The opportunities to get involved and enrich CWC are as diverse as our community of families.  Just as your child will contribute to their class and CWC in a unique way,  the volunteer work you do will be a unique contribution that reflects your interests, skills, personality, and availability.  We ask that all families volunteer 40 hours a year, an investment that will look different for each family, but will bring equally worthwhile and meaningful returns for you child and our school.  CWC could not offer the many wonderful opportunities our students have available  to learn and grow without parent involvement.  

40 hours/year is encouraged.  40 hours may seem daunting, but don’t let that scare you!  It can be anything from 1 hour a week for drop-off or face painting at a festival for 3 hours.  It adds up quickly!  

Logging your hours is critical to the success of CWC Mar Vista.  There is a yearly grant that measures family involvement and the more we can show just how involved our community is with the school, the more funding we can get to support the amazing education our children receive. 

To log your hours, we are using a system called TrackItForward (formerly OurVolts).  If you have any trouble or would like to set up a new account, contact Claire Butterworth at admin@cwcmarvista.org. 

Note: if you do not login and set up your account, you cannot use the app for iPhones or Android devices.


For instructions on how to set up your account and log hours CLICK HERE

(set up your account to enable use on your phone via the Track It Forward app)

View the hours logged by members of our community below.  


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