Why Volunteering Matters so Much at CWC MV

The opportunities to get involved and enrich CWC Mar Vista are as diverse as our community of families.  Just as your child will contribute to their class and CWC in a unique way,  the volunteer work you do will be a unique contribution that reflects your interests, skills, personality, and availability.  

We ask that all parent/guardians to volunteer 40 hours a year, an investment that will look different for each family, but will bring equally worthwhile and meaningful returns for you child and our school.  

CWC Mar Vista could not offer the many wonderful opportunities our students have available  to learn and grow without family involvement.  We look forward to working with you and are excited to explore the unique gifts you can contribute to our community. 

We want you to be involved however you can - whether that is an hour on a Saturday face-painting at an outreach event; or baking muffins for a family that is sick; or volunteering 40 hours in the library - it is your choice and all are welcome.  40 hours may seem daunting, but don’t let that scare you!  It adds up quickly!  

Our Family Volunteer structure starts with the Principal's Council, made up of the chairs of several committees.  Find out much more about each of these committees HERE.  

The Principal's Council meets once a month with our principal, teacher leaders, parent leaders, and heads of each committee to discuss school needs and issues.  All committee chairs are invited to attend, but not required to attend this council meeting.  This meeting is the venue to discuss pressing concerns of your committee with fellow community leaders.