Tyler_Gabriele_Smaller.jpgTyler Gabriele - Teaching Associate

I feel so grateful to have found CWC as a place I can go every day and feel part of something bigger. I was attracted to the holistic mission of the school, which focuses on the development and growth of the student as a whole individual, as well as the staff and administration. The community at CWC is filled with warm, focused, and tirelessly hardworking people who exhibit purpose and passion on a daily basis.
My experience working with children in a variety of settings including tutoring, ski instruction, teaching English abroad, and running youth leadership programs at camps and colleges made me excited to experience life inside of a traditional classroom. As I move through my first year at CWC, and consider continuing on my own path of becoming an educator, I realize that there is no such thing as a “traditional classroom” at CWC, which is one of the many reasons this school, and more importantly this community, is such a special one.

Email: tyler.gabriele@cwcmarvista.org