Mark_Navarra_Smaller.jpgMark Navarra - PE Coach

Mark has been in the academe for more than a decade already. He has been teaching physical education and health for nine years, six years of which, were in international schools. He also coached various sports - basketball, volleyball, handball, track and field and table tennis. His previous job was an athletic director for another international school. He loves teaching. He has the passion for it. 
Coach Mark, as fondly called by his students, is very excited to join the CWCMV family. He exudes an aura of happiness whenever he is teaching. He sees to it that kids would have a splendid time learning in P.E. That is why he is very energetic, animated and funny when he is around them.
He graduated with a bachelor in physical education from the University of the Philippines where he was a member of the basketball, rowing and fencing varsity. He was also a member of ultimate frisbee national team that represented their country in international tournaments both home and abroad. He still has a very active lifestyle. In his free time, he rides his bike, run, hike, play badminton and workout. And here is a fun fact about Coach Mark: He is a word games junkie. He won in a Boggle tournament when he was six. He is a professional Scrabble player too. He has been playing it since he was seven and even won in a tournament a few years ago.