T-008-CWCMV-15_Kamila_Schertel.jpgKamila Schertel - Spanish Teacher

Kamila has been teaching for the last 17 years in a variety of educational settings, including at the dual-language immersion program at UCLA Lab School. She has developed an array of language programs that convey information using methods that are precise and fun. Kamila has developed effective curriculums in different grades and schools because she has been in classrooms everyday and has observed what works and what does not. Born in Argentina, Spanish is Kamila's first language. Being fluent in both English and Spanish has been critical for her to clearly communicate language ideas and concepts to her students. Kamila has also been fortunate enough to become certified in children’s yoga through the world’s leading yoga-for-children education programs. She has used this skill to teach children for the last three years in public schools throughout Los Angeles.

Contact Kamila Schertel – kamila.schertel@cwcmarvista.org