T-980-CWCMV-15_Jonathan_Stanley.jpgJonathan Stanley - Teaching Associate

Jonathan Stanley is a South Los Angeles native with New Orleans roots. Committed to the arts from an early age, Jonathan spent years training as an actor and playwright while living in New York. It was at Tulane University, where he earned a BA in History, that he discovered his love of teaching. He has a passion for using performance as a tool to encourage students to think deeply, especially to relate to historic concepts and figures from a place of empathy. After working as a teaching assistant in New Orleans, and most recently a chess coach for an outreach and empowerment program that serves K- 12 schools throughout Los Angeles, he has experienced a range of school and classroom environments. Jonathan felt an instant connection with the philosophies and approaches of CWC Mar Vista, and looks forward to joining a community of collaborative and enthusiastic educators, students and families. At home, he is an avid reader, adventure traveler and jazz enthusiast.