Jean_Kaneko.pngJean Kaneko - CWC Science Consultant

Jean is a sought after program/curriculum developer and speaker in the world of STEAM education and Making. An early adopter of making as an engagement strategy, she has been teaching STEAM subjects in formal and informal education programs such as after school, in-class, camps to both children and educators since 2011.

Jean’s obsession with creative uses of technologies led her to
create ‘The Exploratory' as her son entered elementary school
and she couldn’t find programs that enabled him to do hands
on, inquiry-based learning that accessed both sides of the
brain. The Exploratory was a pioneer in the use of Making as a vehicle for STEAM learning. It has provided after school programming, camps, events to build awareness, and since 2013 has become THE STEAM program for several Los Angeles based public and private schools. It is Maker Education Initiative’s Los Angeles partner in the Maker VISTA Corps program and was a pilot Maker Corps program in 2012/2013. Jean has created curriculum for HeadStart Schools to bring STEAM into early childhood education. She was also the chief architect of the Tinkering and Making toolkit for the Pearson Foundation's Project Mash. Jean has consulted with and provided professional development workshops to thousands of educators and librarians through out the years on Design Thinking, incorporating growth mindset skills, making skills and STEAM subject learning.