Greig Richardson - Lead Teacher - 4th Grade

Hi All (你好),

I’m Greig and I’m very excited to be joining the team at CWC! I’m Scottish, originally from Glasgow, and have a B.Ed(hons) in Primary Education from the University of Paisley (now west of Scotland). I’m just about to finish my 10th year of teaching, and have experience from 2nd through 5th Grade. Currently, I’m working as a Year 4 teacher at Taipei European School which is a large international school. I enjoy working as part of a team to create great learning experiences for children! Also, I have leadership responsibility for Year 3 and 4, and my main role this year has been developing an English curriculum which provides relevant learning experiences for children, promotes writing, uses technology and creates confident learners. Developing great relationships with students, colleagues and parents is incredibly important to me.

I play competitive football in my free time, and have done in all the countries I’ve lived in. Since moving to Taiwan, I have studied Mandarin and would say I’m a strong beginner! If you ever need advice on what to eat, and how to say it...I can help you! Travelling around Asia has been a great experience for me, some holiday highlights include Cambodia and Bali. However, I’m looking forward to new travel experiences being back in the US will provide. Lastly, I enjoy walking my two dogs Connie and Archie. Gillian and I adopted them when we moved to Taiwan, and they too are excited to move to Los Angeles!