Ben Holland - Lead Teacher - 3rd Grade  

Ben is a Southern California native with an extensive background in both the arts and education. Growing up in the arts it seemed inevitable that he’d either develop a career in fine art, music or film so he eventually decided to work toward his B.A. in film production at California State University Northridge—completed in 2005. In early 2010 he sought a career change and fell into teaching preschool, which up to that point, would become the only job he’d ever truly loved. Here, he discovered that his creative passions, sensitivity and expressive nature were highly effective tools for collaborating with children. He would work as a preschool teacher for nearly two and a half years when he decided to do what seemed like the next logical step; working toward his multiple subject teaching credential. Ben has since completed schooling toward his Teaching Credential at Antioch University Los Angeles but considers himself a life-long learner and will return to Antioch for his Masters in Education. The philosophies and practices he’s developed and nurtured over the years in regards to teaching are so in sync with Citizens of the World that he feels he is part of an incredibly special and unique collaboration of educators, students, families and communities. 


Email: benjamin.holland@cwcmarvista.org 






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