CWC’s music program strives to provide children with opportunities to sing songs, play instruments and create musical compositions of their own. Children learn to describe music using the eight musical elements - melody, rhythm, harmony, dynamics, timbre, texture, structure and tempo. Children are exposed to music from different cultures, musical periods and rich musical traditions from around the world. 


Kindergarten children are introduced to rhythm and tempo whilst learning a range of songs and action rhymes. Kindergarten use Boom-whackers to develop their understanding of pitch and as an introduction to performing as a small group.


In First Grade, children sing a range of songs from around the world that involve a range of tempi, percussive accompaniments and style. Children begin learning about dynamics, rhythm and pitch whilst playing tuned and unturned percussion instruments.  First graders become part of ‘The CWC Rainbow Orchestra’ comprised of Boom-whackers, hand bells and home-made instruments.


In Second Grade, children are introduced to graphic scores where they use body percussion and a range of world percussion instruments. Children will develop listening skills whilst appreciating music by a range of composers from the Baroque period through to present day. All second grade children are part of the CWC-MV Choir and CWC Drum Team.


In Third Grade, children begin to learn basic music theory including notation and basic composition skills to allow them to create and perform their own pieces independently and in groups. Third graders will focus on the development of the musical elements they have previously learned with the addition of melody, texture and timbre. All children are part of the Recorder Troupe and CWC-MV Choir. 





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