Inquiry Projects

Social Studies and Science are woven together to create our Inquiry Projects. Our Inquiry Projects inspire students to question, explore and develop their own theories. Projects help students to find and draw upon their individual strengths, while at the same time collaborating with their peers and creating work that impacts the larger community.

At each grade level there is one specific through-line or “Big Idea” for the year. Teachers choose and develop these through-lines based on the state standards in Social Studies and Science, while also considering the developmental needs and interests of each grade. Throughout the year, the units’ focus broadens so that students understand how their own experiences connect to those in the larger world. 

Our year-long through-lines are organized into three units which stem from essential questions. Children explore these key questions, concepts and skills through hands-on activities and projects. These projects also help to build students’ “21st century skills” which include critical thinking and problem-solving, curiosity and imagination, collaboration, affective oral and written communication, initiative, adaptability and accessing and analyzing information.  Students actively participate in the planning and development of projects, and each year culminates with an Exhibition Night when students reflect and share their learning with the larger school community.

Kindergarten - Relationships

Unit 1 Relationship to self

Unit 2 Relationship to our community

Unit 3 Relationship to nature


First Grade - Diversity

Unit 1 Diversity in our classroom

Unit 2 Diversity in our school community

Unit 3 Diversity in our environment


Second Grade - Culture

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3


Third Grade - Change and Impact

Unit 1 Change and Impact in Los Angeles from 1542 onwards 

Unit 2 Change and Impact in our Natural Environment

Unit 3 Change and Impact in Society 




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