How Do We Know That CWC Mar Vista Is a Good School?


Although CWC Mar Vista is just entering its third year, two other Los Angeles CWC campuses (CWC Hollywood and CWC Silver Lake) already exist. While achievement disparity is fairly common in diverse schools (which tend to generate good outcomes for some students and poor outcomes for others), standardized test scores as well as assessments that more accurately capture student learning indicate that a larger percentile of students at CWC Hollywood — the first CWC school, now in its sixth year — is achieving at high levels, compared to other schools with similar student populations. CWC Hollywood’s model, which includes small class sizes, multiple highly-qualified educators in each classroom, an emphasis on small group and individualized instruction, and the kinds of conditions that support teachers to do professional, high-quality work, has been implemented at the Silver Lake location and at the Mar Vista location, as well.

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