Welcome to the CWC Mar Vista Family Portal

Welcome to CWC Mar Vista! We are are excited to have you join our community. Families are an integral part of   children’s experience at our school. Your kindergartner might be welcomed to school during drop-off by a second grade mom. A grandmother may help your first grader during Literacy Centers. A third grade dad might serve hot lunch to your fourth grader. A teenage brother could be the “Mystery Reader” for his sister’s class.  You can volunteer to be a part of committees like fundraising or field-trip planning or you can volunteer to help in the classroom, lunch, drop off, in our garden or even cooking a dinner for a family in need.   Our school culture is one where parents and family members actively participate in all aspects of our school.

At our school, our children are given opportunities to build relationships within their own classrooms, across grade levels, and as a whole school. We have created “CWC Families,” groups of children representing each classroom, who meet together once a month for community building activities. We have whole school assemblies, choir and a variety of all-school cultural events where you are encouraged to participate and celebrate with your child.  These experiences empower your children to become members of a diverse community, and open up lines of communication between you and your child, your child and their friends, and between you and other families at the school.

Our school encourages open communication between all members of the community. There are opportunities for you to connect with CWCLA board members, school administrators, teachers, room parents, and other family members. This can happen through town hall meetings, board meetings, parent-teacher conferences (two times/year), and weekly newsletters. We also have a weekly “Cafecito” each Friday morning, where you can meet and mingle with other families, enjoy a cup of coffee and hear news and ask questions.

We are grateful that you have joined the CWC Mar Vista because you add to the richness and diversity of our community.  There are so many opportunities to be involved, and this impacts our children by helping to provide them with a safe, embracing, and inspiring learning environment.

The Family Portal

Here you will be able to find pertinent information about all things related to CWC Mar Vista families.

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