Does CWC’s Curriculum Prepare Students for Standardized Tests?


Our curriculum is based on the best thinking in education today about how children learn. We do not believe that one single strategy works with all children. Rather, we believe that education, in order to be successful, must take a truly child-centered approach and focus on each individual child’s needs and abilities. While one child may learn to read using a phonics-based approach, another may rely more on context and sight words. One child might see a math problem in her head while another needs to manually decipher the problem with objects or fingers. We do not believe that there is any right or wrong way. Rather, we want each child to understand how he or she processes information and learn how to employ those techniques to develop a true passion for learning.

While CWC will not “teach to the test,” all of our students will learn the necessary skills needed to succeed on state standardized tests. Most importantly, our school leaders will be constantly evaluating data derived from weekly, monthly and quarterly assessments - formal and informal — about students’ performance. They will look at individual students, sub-groups (e.g., special education, gifted and talented, English learners), and classrooms to see how each is doing in relation to both state and national standards, and our school’s broader goals. Teachers will refine curriculum continuously to meet individual and group needs, and the principal will ensure that each teacher has the skills and support he or she needs to help each child reach his/her full potential.

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