Does CWC Mar Vista Serve Children with Special Needs or an IEP?


Yes. CWC Mar Vista is open to all students in the State of California, and CWC Mar Vista is committed to serving students with diverse learning styles and needs. Parents/guardians, teachers, and the students themselves work together to develop a plan for academic and social success. CWC’s model provides highly differentiated and personalized instruction. This approach is of particular benefit to children with special needs. Students with special needs are integrated into the mainstream classroom. CWC Mar Vista pulls students out for services or “push in” to assist students within their general education classes by collaborating and/or co‐teaching with the classroom teachers.

CWC Mar Vista provides special education services through credentialed individuals from professional agencies including speech and language therapy, adapted physical education, occupational therapy, resource and counseling. If, for example, a student is entitled to 2 hours per week of Occupational Therapy (OT), CWC will contract with a highly qualified Occupational Therapist to come to the school to provide the therapy. CWC Mar Vista will make sure that the OT knows about the unique character and mission of the school, how it works, and how to most effectively work within it.

To date students with IEPs at CWC Mar Vista are making great progress academically and socially.

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