Citizens of the World Mar Vista is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, and your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Support our students today by making a donation!

In order to provide the extraordinary core programming offered by Citizens of the World Mar Vista, our school relies on donations. As a state, California provides one of the lowest amounts of per pupil funding, so it is your donation that truly makes the exceptional learning experience at Citizens of the World Mar Vista possible. The contributions you give bridge the gap between public funds provided to our school and the actual cost of supporting the wonderful programs that make CWCMV such a special place for our children.

All money raised is a direct investment in your child’s education and our community. We ask that all families participate, at whatever level they can afford, to support the educational model that makes CWC exceptional. There is no correct amount, only the amount that is correct for you and your family!

Read our full Ask Letter here.

If we can reach 100% participation our school receives an award of $5,000!

Make a Monthly Recurring Donation

Your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis this amount.  

Make a One-Time Donation or Create Installments

  • One time
    • If you choose 1 as the installment amount, your card will be charged one time this amount.  
  • Installments
    • If you two or more in the installments dropdown, the total amount you enter will be split up among the number of installments you choose.  
      • e.g. If you enter $600 in the Other amount box and choose 6 from the installments dropdown, you will pay $100 per month for six months.

If you have questions about creating a custom donation (i.e. quarterly, bi-monthly) please contact

Please look for a confirmation email verifying your donation was received.  If you don’t receive a confirmation email contact our Senior Manager of Development, Elizabeth Alter, at

 There are numerous ways you can super-charge your contribution to the school through our various matching programs.  


  • If  35 families give $200 per month CWCMV will earn an additional $5,000
  • If  28 families give $300 per month CWCMV will earn an additional $10,000
  • If  21 families give $417 per month CWCMV will earn an additional $15,000
  • If 14 families give $833 per month CWCMV will earn an additional $25,000
  • If 7 families give $1,250 per month CWCMV will earn an additional $30,000
  • If 3 families give $1,666 per month or more CWCMV will earn an additional $20,000

 If you have any questions regarding the Tiered Matching Program please contact Gina Robins at or



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