The team at Coach Derek Inc. AFTER SCHOOL want to say Thank You and WELCOME TO YOUR AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM. Our goal is to bring energy and CWC's philosophy to after school hours care.



For 2016-2017 Coach Derek Afterschool is using a registration system called DayCare Works.  For returning parents, you will need to enroll in your monthly schedule through this new program in order to participate. An email was sent out (from with your login details. You will not need to re-register, but please review your family information for accuracy. Please visit the link below to login and select the appropriate Coach Derek Afterschool schedule:


For new ​parents, please visit the following page to review the schedule & pricing options at CWC:​, fill out the required enrollment forms and register​ electronically through the Enrollment & Registration page.


ALL FORMS located at this link need to be filled out in order to complete your
​two-part registration. These forms are imperative for us to have prior to the first day of participation and will stay in your child's file. Please print these forms and then email them to or fax to (424) 289-8459 or if you don't have the ability to email or fax, you may mail them to us or drop them off ​at the school office.
Mailing address:
Coach Derek Inc.
2711 N Sepulveda Blvd Suite 211  
Manhattan Beach CA 90266  
When you are ready to register, CLICK HERE

NEW ELECTRONIC SIGN OUT PROCEDURE: A 6-digit PIN number is required at sign out. Children will not be released without a PIN number. Parents can find their (automatically assigned) PIN number in their Daycare Works family portal by clicking the PERSONAL tile and looking under their name. For each person who is designated to pick up your child, you will need to add them to your account by clicking the PERSONAL tile and clicking “Add New Contact”. They will be assigned a 6-digit PIN number that will also be required at sign out.


To contact the Coach Derek Afterschool Staff:

Phone: 310-291-7870



Below are some key answers to the most frequently asked questions so please take a minute and look them over!  


1. Can I call and speak to a site director at the school after 2:30?

Yes. Our onsite internal number is 310-953-4322. Press the number for your school’s site director.


2. Am I registered if I did NOT fill out all of the forms? 

Please read above. 


3. When will we get billed?

Billing is the 1st of each month. If you sign up for a monthly schedule in the middle of the month, you will pay for the first month up front, then a prorated credit will be posted to your account which will go towards the next month’s fees.


4. Where do I pick-up my child?

Please check out with the site director, Coach Geo.


5. What if I'm late picking up my child?

You will be charged an hourly rate after an initial grace period.


6. What if I need an emergency after care the day of?

You will first need to be enrolled in the Coach Derek Afterschool program. We recommend that you at least enroll in “General Registration Only” for those emergency situations. Once enrolled, Please call the office at 310-291-7870. Hourly care requires 24-hour advance notice so that we can add your child to the roster for the day. If we receive notice after 6pm the night before or on the day that you need the care, you will be charged $5 in addition to the hourly charge of $12/hour. If we do receive late notice, we ask that you also call the school to make sure that they get a message to your child’s teacher so they know where to bring your child at dismissal.


7. What if I need to pick my child up early?

Please call the internal number 310-953-4322 


8. Can I switch my days? For example: I am signed up Tuesday-Thursday and this week I need Monday-Friday

Please note that your schedule is set for the month, but if you need to make an adjustment, please contact the Coach Derek Afterschool office as soon as possible so that we can adjust the roster. You will be charged for any difference in fee associated with this change.


9. What type of discipline procedures do you follow?

We have been trained in CWC's Core Values and Responsive Classroom and therefore use the same positive approach that the CWC teachers use.


10. Will there be after care during the day when school is closed?

Yes, we will offer full day camps during most school closings. Registration and details will be announced at least 2 weeks in advance.


11. What are the enrichment classes and when will they begin?

We select special companies and instructors to offer their services during our Aftercare Program and these classes are referred to as Enrichment.  The first session of enrichment classes begins in September and will run for 9-10 weeks. We have between 3 and 4 sessions per school year and classes run between 8 and 10 weeks. Look for the schedule at  Enrichment providers set their rates for their classes, which is a separate charge from the monthly Coach Derek Afterschool program. Enrichment class fees are not prorated and are non-refundable. Please see our billing and cancellation policy for additional information.

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