After School Program


Starting January 2015, The Realm will be offering a unique array of multi-age enrichment classes at Citizens of the World Mar Vista in order to support students’ amazing learning experiences beyond the classroom. REALM Afterschool classes will begin at the end of each school day where kids will be exposed to hands-on authentic learning experiences guided by loving, patient and super passionate teachers!  Click our logo to be taken to the CWC page of our website!

Parents interested in signing up for Realm after school classes should start by creating an account by clicking the link below.  Individual class sign ups will begin on January 6th, 2015


CWC Mar Vista Basic After School and Enrichment Classes

If you are not signing up for the Realm complete program, you can register for CWC ASP and Enrichment classes in 2 easy steps:

  2. You'll then be taken to a page to pay for the weeks/session via Credit Card online.  If you are Free Lunch eligible, or not paying online, you can still register online and skip the payment page.  Bring your cash or check payment with corresponding form. Checks should be made payable to CWC Mar Vista.

Please sign up online if possible!


3:15pm-6:00pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
1:30pm-6:00 pm Tuesdays


All School 
3:30-4:00pm meeting/snack/free play

Enrichment classes-optional (additional sign up for these classes)
Days and times vary by class

Kindergarten & 1st Grade only- Base Program
4:00-4:45pm Classroom time - homework, art projects, books, building blocks, and more.
4:45-5:45pm Games & Movement
5:30-6:00pm Clean up and free draw in designated pick up room

2nd & 3rd Graders only- Base Program
4:00-4:30pm Homework/quiet/reading time
4:30-5:30pm Games and Movement 
5:30-6:00pm Clean up/ free draw in designated pick up room

After School Enrichment Classes/Other Program Notes:

  • Additional Enrichment Classes - We will continue to offer choices for our additional Enrichment class program.  Sign up separately at 

Pricing and Payment: Basic Program Only

  • Families qualifying for free lunch
    • Drop-in/As-needed - $0
    • Full Time attendance (5 days) - $0
  • Families qualifying for reduced lunch
    • Drop-in/As-needed - $7/day
      • Cost for additional sibling - $4/day
    • Full Time attendance (5 days a week for entire session) - $5/day
      • Cost for additional sibling (5 days a week for entire session) - $3/day
  • Full Price
    • Drop-in/As-needed - $20/day
      • Cost for additional sibling - $12/day
    • Full Time attendance (5 days a week for entire session) - $15/day
      • Cost for additional sibling (5 days a week for entire session) - $9/day

Full time attendance means your child will be attending all five days of the week for the entire month.

As needed attendance means your child will be attending specific days of the week or only certain weeks out of the month.

  • Example 1 - One day of the week for the whole month - e.g. every Tuesday
  • Example 2 - Specific weeks or days in the month - e.g. 1/12-1/16 and 1/27-1/29
  • Example 3 - 1/14, 1/19, 1/26, 1/29

If you are signing up for Enrichment classes, you do not need to pay for ASP on those days.

Payment is due on each months designated date and can be made by cash or check. To pay online, please sign up through the form above or contact to be sent an invoice by email.  (All checks payable to CWC Mar Vista)
Enrichment classes are paid for separately and the prices will be varied.


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