2014 Enrichment Payment

Trista Stone ·

The session is from 9/2 to 10/24

Will you come?

$155.00 Chess
Our mission is to use chess as a tool to give all at-risk and disadvantaged youth an educational and life-affirming alternative to a rampant gang culture and rapidly declining rates of literacy and overall scholarship.

$130.00 Tennis
For the love of tennis will be a fun introduction to the sport of tennis.

$115.00 Basketball
Basketball Skills and Thrills will teach the fundamentals of basketball in a fun and engaging way. Students will play games that incorporate all the skills and facets of the sport, such as passing, dribbling, shooting, and more! Classes will include drill

$110.00 Interwoven!
Each week we'll dabble in a technique such as weaving, felting, repeat pattern printing, appliqué, embroidery, braided rug making, and others.

$110.00 It's all fun and games!
Students will learn various movement concepts both individually and within the framework of a team.

$80.00 Art of Writing
Art of Writing is a beginning-level writing workshop that teaches children a creative process they can use throughout their lives.

$80.00 Zip Zap Zop
An improv class that allows kids to explore and think out of the box while communicating, performing, and thinking on their feet.

$80.00 Positive Self-Talk
Self-talk is the talking we do in our head about ourselves, and the things that happen in our life. It can motivate us or bully us.